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Professional Development

Professional Development

Our professional, ACECQA approved university-educated early childhood teachers and trained learning and support officers (SLSOs) are passionate and committed to ongoing training and professional development.

Our educators take part in compulsory annual training related to:

  • child protection
  • code of conduct
  • First Aid, CPR and management of anaphylaxis

Punchbowl Public School has an unrelenting focus on developing a ‘collaborative and supportive workplace committed to a positive culture of ongoing learning by individuals and teams.’  The school actively develops, supports and enables a professional working environment which places continuous learning and improvement at the centre of all its professional practices.

Punchbowl Public School has developed a localised Performance and Development Framework for all staff. This document has been developed to facilitate the implementation of the Department of Education Performance and Development Framework in NSW Public Schools.

Professional learning is targeted to Punchbowl Public School’s School Plan Strategic Directions, Preschool philosophy, Quality Improvement Plan priorities and identified individual professional learning goals as part of Performance and Development Framework – Personal Development Plan (PDP) process.

All educators participate in the Individualised PDP process in consultation with the Deputy Principal Instructional Leader Preschool DPIL-P. The DPIL-P undertakes their PDP process with the principal. This process includes the setting of SMART goals that reflect School Plan, Strategic Directions, Philosophy and Quality Improvement Plan priorities. This process also includes peer and/or supervisor observations for reflective feedback and teacher self-assessment. These professional goals are used in planning for professional learning opportunities. All educators are supported in their development through:

  •  Involvement in the Self-Assessment process and construction of Preschool Philosophy
  •  Active participation in all staff meetings
  • Opportunities provided to work with P-2 Initiatives Officer
  • Opportunities to participate in targeted professional learning