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At Punchbowl Public School we are trialling a novel, collaborative approach to the development of each child’s Individual Education Plan so that students with a disability are enabled to reach positive learning and life outcomes.

We acknowledge the significant challenges families of children with disability face and our goal is to work with families to:

  • encourage family growth, capacity building, and leadership;
  • utilise the demonstrated benefits of gamification and mindfulness; and
  • build on best-practice research in family-centred practice.


Including the Voice of Students a child’s Individual Education Program aims to capture the voice of children and young people through Pictability, a creative, visual goal-setting tool that enables meaningful contribution to their Individual Education Plan.

The program advances children’s goals by teaching parents and teachers strategies that can be used when coaching each child to set personal goals. From here, a plan to achieve the goals is created. Parents and teachers apply their learning and support the child to communicate their interests through Pictability. These interests are then incorporated into their Individual Education Plan.

This program builds on Plumtree’s award-winning, evidence-based Now and Next program, for parents of young children with disabilities and developmental delays. Research finds that Now and Next increases goal achievement, engagement, empowerment and wellbeing for participants. This program adapts prior successes to the school setting with teachers; incorporates student voice in the Individual Education Plan; and measures impact on the student, parents, and teachers.

Punchbowl Public School is thrilled to be collaborating with Plumtree and we look forward to sharing our journey through this web page.

In undertaking our collaboration we acknowledge and celebrate the overarching systems that inform our work and support our partnership. 

It is a great thrill and privilege for us to be collaborating with Plumtree and we look forward to the beneficiaries being our students and their learning and wellbeing outcomes.

Donna McGeary