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Preschool & Early Intervention Procedures

Punchbowl Public School follows the policies of the NSW Department of Education and has created localised procedures that relate specifically to our preschool context. 

We are in the process of updating some of our procedures and will be available soon.

(a) Health and safety, including matters relating to:

    (i) Nutrition

    (ii) Sun protection 

    (iii) Water safety

    (iv) Administration of first aid

    (v) Sleep and rest for children

(b) Incident, injury, trauma and illness procedures complying with regulation 85

(c) Dealing with infectious diseases, including procedures complying with regulation 88

(d) Dealing with medical conditions in children, including the matters set out in regulation 90

(e) Emergency and evacuation, including the matters set out in regulation 97

(g)  Excursions, including procedures complying with regulations 100 to 102

(i)  Staffing

(j) Interactions with children, including the matters set out in regulations 155 and 156

(l) Governance and management of the service, including confidentiality of records

(n) Payment of fees and provision of a statement of fees charged by the education and care service (under review)

NO fees charged T2 -T4 due to COVID-19