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Punchbowl Public School Preschool Philosophy

At Punchbowl Public School Preschool, we welcome all children and families and value the contributions that each unique individual brings. We believe that diversity contributes to the richness of our society, and every person is encouraged to share their knowledge and life experiences. We respect everyone and promote the importance of Australia’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures alongside all cultures, languages and values that families share with us in our setting. We acknowledge that the construct of a family takes many forms, and we work to ensure that everyone feels safe and has a sense of belonging. Our children tell and show us that they like and feel safe at preschool.

We believe all children are capable, lifelong learners who have the agency and initiative to lead independent learning experiences. As educators, we nurture, guide, extend and provide time through play-based experiences to engage in being. Research and contemporary theories of early childhood practice are underpinned by the Early Years Learning Framework and inform our intentional teaching and learning. We believe play is essential in the lives of young children, and that through play they display their innate curiosity and inbuilt capacity to become critical, creative thinkers, problem solvers, collaborators and protagonists in their meaning-making. We see children as confident and creative individuals who have agency. Through play, they make sense of their world and embrace it with curiosity and a sense of wonder; it’s children’s work. Our children tell us that they like to make choices in their play and to be creative. They tell and show us they like being with their friends and learning with their educators.

We believe in building strong partnerships with families and that developing strong, trusting relationships with children is vital. We do this so that everyone feels safe, secure and supported. Creating this environment is critical in the journey of lifelong learning and becoming.

We value families as children’s first educators.  We believe that when children, families and educators work side by side, we build on the strength of each other’s knowledge. This allows us to be able to deliver an educational program that best meets the learning outcomes for all children. Our aim is for all children to become successful learners and value the importance of engaging in meaningful early literacy and numeracy concepts within the context of intentional and play-based experiences. We believe in always improving, and we do this by engaging in ongoing, rich, reflective practices. Careful observation, documentation and reflection provide information to assist educators in developing programs for individuals and the whole group to meet all students’ learning needs. We believe that as educators, we are dedicated and committed to continually seek ways to build deeper professional knowledge.

At Punchbowl Public School Preschool, we believe that the environment is an educator in its own right.  We believe that by effectively utilising space and resources, we can support the development of children to make choices, think independently, explore ideas, appreciate beauty, respect diversity, ask questions and feel nurtured and safe. We believe it is our responsibility to provide learning experiences where children take risks and are active, informed and responsible citizens who are encouraged to explore and be respectful of their environment. We believe our everyday practices impact on the world, and we embed sustainable education into our learning for children to become active and informed global citizens. We teach children about the natural environment and encourage them to have a sense of wonder while exploring the world around them. Our children tell and show us that they enjoy gardening and being outdoors.

At Punchbowl Public School Preschool, we are a community of learners, where developing the whole child is at the centre of what we do. We commit wholeheartedly to the Early Years Learning Framework aims of ‘belonging, being, becoming’. Our statement of philosophy is a living document, continually evolving in the light of new research, the ideas of our educators and feedback from children and their families, as well as the community.