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Importance of transition to school

The importance of a positive transition to school experience has been consistently emphasised in research around the world.

There is a large body of evidence that suggests a successful transition helps improve children’s educational and social outcomes.

Ready children

  • have the learning and development that contribute to their enthusiasm, motivation and ability to learn;
  • are supported by positive relationships from their family, preschool, school and community;
  • have dispositions for learning such as problem-solving skills and persistence that help them stay focused on learning (Dockett & Perry, 2014).

At Punchbowl Public School Preschool, we believe a positive start to school is important and depends on everyone working together to make it happen – family, community, early childhood service and the school team.

A positive start to school includes:

  • development of secure, respectful and reciprocal relationships
  • conversations between children, teachers, families and the community
  • high expectations and equity for every child
  • recognition and acknowledgement of cultural diversity
  • collaboration between our service and schools
  •  building on knowledge, skills and interests of a child 
  • deep understanding of how young children learn

The educators at Punchbowl Public School Preschool complete NSW Transition to School Statements. It assists primary school teachers to better understand a child and how best to support their transition from early childhood education to school. The statement:

  • summarises a child’s strengths, interests and approaches to learning
  • passes this information between families, early childhood educators and teachers
  • gives children a voice in the process of meeting new people in the school environment

The importance of transition is reflected in the National Quality Standard (NQS). The standards require early childhood education services to collaborate with service providers and families to achieve quality outcomes for children. It also recognises that continuity of learning is supported by the sharing of information and the clarifying of responsibilities.

Information for parents and carers

Resources which can help you prepare your child for school include:

A Special Place (PDF, 3.1MB) – a children’s book about going to school.

Let’s go to school (PDF, 2.5MB) – an activity book for children and parents about going to school.

More information can also be found in the Department’s website in the Parents and Carers section.