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Welcome to Punchbowl Public School

Acting Principal Message

Dear Parents and Carers

On behalf of all our dedicated staff at Punchbowl Public School, welcome to our school.

Whether you are looking at enrolling your child at our school, or have already entrusted your child to our care, our website will give you an understanding of the high-quality education and wellbeing practices at our school, the strength of our community, and the passion and expertise of our teachers.

At Punchbowl Public School we strive for high standards in all that we do. Our teachers are committed to support and deliver the best outcomes for our students whatever the challenges we face in these changing times.

We are proud of our reputation as a leading provider of primary education in the local area and our success in helping students achieve excellent results throughout their time with us. Our passion is demonstrated by our preschool being rated as exceeding the National Quality Standards through to the confident learners and leaders that leave us following their year 6 education.

Our school welcomes students, families, and community members from all cultural backgrounds and we appreciate difference and diversity. We aim to provide a responsive and culturally inclusive learning environment that benefits all students. The teaching and learning programs we use are designed to enable all students to become valued participants in Australian society and global citizens.

No matter when your child commences at Punchbowl Public School, your child will be provided with a vast array of quality learning programs that have been developed to assist each child to reach their full potential. We actively seek out programs that are research based and are proven to lift the learning outcomes of your child in the areas of literacy, numeracy, wellbeing and the creative arts.

Our Punchbowl Public School teachers are expert practitioners in their field and have been carefully selected and then strategically placed to assist learning that is challenging and delivered to suit the needs of your child.

An important part of our school is the wonderful Parents and Citizens Association. The members work tirelessly to make sure that the school is supported in so many ways.  I would encourage you to join this amazing group of people if you can. In addition to supporting the school, many have formed friendship that extend well beyond the school grounds.

If you find that you still need more information after exploring this website, please don’t hesitate to contact me and I will be happy to have a discussion with you. Please understand that I do have many duties in this wonderful school so it may be necessary to make an appointment. Just contact our office and they will arrange a suitable meeting time.

Thank you for considering our school and I hope to see you some time.

Donna McGeary