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School as Community Centre (SaCC)

The Schools as Community Centres (SaCC)  project is hosted by NSW Public Schools and this service offers a holistic approach to early learning and wellbeing with four key interconnected elements of collaborative service delivery: the early development of children; key life transitions; positive parenting; and safe, healthy and connected communities. The focus on the early development of children is based on well-established evidence that the first years of a child’s life are crucial for setting the foundation for life-long health and learning outcomes. The Early Years Learning Framework for Australia; Belonging, Being & Becoming and the Australian Early Development Census, as well as school data, are key planning tools for use by SaCC facilitators.

There are currently 45 SaCC projects hosted by 46 NSW public schools with each project being led by a SaCC facilitator. At Punchbowl Public School the Schools as Community Centre (SaCC) is led by Asenati Mareko. Asenati coordinates and manages a range of community engagement initiatives and programs supporting families with young children. In partnership with other local service providers, the SaCC offers a range of services including supported and community playgroups, transition to preschool and kindergarten programs, parenting courses, TAFE course, health promotion projects and adult literacy programs.

Our recently renovated SaCC centre is a learning hub for parents and their young children from birth to eight years old and everyone in the local community is welcome to attend to access the wide range of programs available throughout the year.

Detailed information regarding the programs being run in the SaCC are available on the SkoolBag application. Download the application on your phone and search ‘SkoolBag’ and add ‘Punchbowl Public School’. There is also an active Facebook group link you can join https://www.facebook.com/groups/PunchbowlPublicSchoolSaCC which is regularly updated with program news and information.

Please note - we take your safety seriously. Our Covid-19 Plan can be found by clicking here.

For more information about this service and the programs it offers contact Asenati Mareko - SaCC Facilitator on 9750 5055 or 0439487865